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Instructions for registration for Russian-language courses


We welcome you to the Open University of Israel, and hope that your studies will be enjoyable and fruitful. Below are guidelines for registration.
  1. Tuition
    Tuition for each course for students in FSU (Former Soviet Union) countries is $200.
    Full tuition is $500. Students in FSU countries are entitled to a $300 scholarship for each Open University course. The scholarships are automatically awarded to students who study and take examinations in FSU countries.

  2. Examinations
    The location of the examination will be determined in the future.
    Students who registered to study in FSU countries and received a scholarship but choose to take the examination outside of these countries will pay full tuition.

  3. Method of payment
    Tuition can be paid in the following ways:
    • By credit card, in one payment
    • By bank transfer
    • Through an inter-university agreement

  4. Additional information
    For further information, and in the event of financial difficulties, you are invited to consult Ms. Mina Gruman, coordinator of on-line studies in Russian, by phone: 972-9-778-1785 or e-mail: